Street style: Harem pants & blazer, New York

harem blazer menswear new york THE VIEWFINDER-8790 copy

Such a great look spotted in Williamsburg New York. Combining that rolled up harem pants with the more chic topwear …I really like these kind of looks. It has personality and has a creative appearance. This guy was so friendly and interesting in my website activities. Also great to finish this look with sneakers as you can see in the picture below.

harem blazer menswear new york THE VIEWFINDER-8787

Street style: White shirt, Amsterdam

white shirt women street style amsterdam | THE-VIEWFINDER-0253-title2

“You’re THE VIEWFINDER …right?”

Sometimes you don’t need to wear a lot of pieces to make an interesting look. This fashionista shows a nice look by only using Dr. Martens and a white shirt. A nice woman who apparently already knew me because I’ve shot her before in the past.


Street style: Japanese sporty chic, Amsterdam

japanese sporty chic street style amsterdam women leather pants | ©THE VIEWFINDER-7060 title

Generally I really like shooting Japanese fashionistas …often they are very interesting, well dressed or very unique. Also a nice opportunity to speak a bit of Japanese. The downside, most of the Japanese female are shy and don’t speak english… and so they often make a gesture that they don’t want to be approached.

This fashionista was friendly and really had fun posing for the blog ….believe me she Continue reading “Street style: Japanese sporty chic, Amsterdam”