Street style: Mom jeans, Amsterdam

mom jeans rolled up street style womenswear amsterdam | THE-VIEWFINDER-0296-title2

A nice look …simple and effective. I like the high waisted jeans in general, however not every women can wear it. It has to suit the body shape so it results in a nice shaped figure. In this case the jeans do give her a nice figure, long legs  ….towards an hourglass figure.

Street style: Buttoned up denim, New York

denim shirt street style new york | ©THE-VIEWFINDER-7181title

A look that I spotted quite often on the street in New York: the denim sweater. In my honest opinion a good and practical look. Yes it could be a bit too simple for you, only one single piece of clothing, but see for yourself …it looks really nice. However, it is a look that suits the more slender women.