Street style: Chrome shirt, Amsterdam

chrome shirt street style amsterdam women THE VIEWFINDER-6728

A picture I shot a while ago, when the weather was way more pleasant than it is now. Converting this photograph to black and white makes the shirt stand out even more …really like the overall chrome look and feel.

Street style: Fashionable contour, New York

fashion contour new york street style | ©THE VIEWFINDER-8166

A well styled outfit, with the proper figure I might add, looks stunning without even seeing the details. An overall look of the shapes and balance could be enough. This fashionista is showing exactly what I mean, when I saw her I immediately saw that fashionable contour and decided to capture it that way.

Street style: Rock artist look, Amsterdam

rock look men street style amsterdam | ©THE VIEWFINDER-2698 title

“What an coincidence man!”

Sometimes the expression ‘it’s a small world’ can be so right …I bumped into my friend Attilio on the streets of Amsterdam. He moved to Italy and just got back to Amsterdam for only a few days so meeting him on the streets was such a coincidence. We had the chance to sit, drink coffee and have a good conversation about the photography/ fashion industry.

Great seeing you again my friend. Of course I had to shoot him because I always like his kinda rock looks.