Personal: Shoot prep-time

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“Those moments before a shoot”

What location shall I use for the shoot? What’s the theme? Where to get inspired? ….the questions I normally ask myself before doing a shoot.

So what I do next is going through some magazines, do some drawing and brainstorm with my partner. To get an idea and visual making a moodboard really helps …it also comes in handy for presenting my idea to the model and client. Eventually it’s about getting the right photos so sharing my ideas and hear what others have to say makes it possible to get those shots.

I’m always excited to do a shoot …filled with positive energy, so I really like the prep_time!

Why I post less frequently lately …

bit occupied illustration by Kevin van Diest | THE VIEWFINDER

Sorry guys, I know I’ve been a bit absent lately. Normally I post more frequent and nowadays I try to do every day. Besides my day-job I’m occupied with shoots, meetings and preps for the holiday trip. Also because of the heat it isn’t that interesting to shoot on the streets, as I posted earlier here. So now you know ^_^

Studio shoot: Basic shoot, Jill

Jill basic shoot studio | ©THE VIEWFINDER

“A nice shoot! I love the way how he does his work – Jill”

A basic shoot with my friend Jill, who I approached on the streets about a year ago for a street style photograph. It’s so great that we’ve stayed in touch with each other …now we often meet for shoots. I really like her style, which you can see in one of my previous posts.


(without retouching)

Collaboration: x THE VIEWFINDER

fashionchick teaser banner

“Luckily we got ourselves a pro model”

Last week asked me to shoot their, currently still secret, campaign. So we had a meeting at their HQ, which was quite impressive. Talking about the space and the crew …lots of fashionchicks. For this shoot, with several looks, we went to The Nine Streets in Amsterdam where we shot on the streets and at the canals. It was great working with them, we seriously had so much fun that day …and therefore we kinda ran out of time.

I can’t give you guys any details yet about the shoot, the purpose, the brands and so on. To find out what and what for the shoot was, keep an eye on the blog. Also check out their website if you haven’t already, really worth paying a visit!