Added another year…


Another year of THE VIEWFINDER has passed and quite an interesting I might add. I had the pleasure of shooting my first wedding, met interesting people, new collaborations, nice shoots and studio photography, Unfortuntelly there were some moments of I was occupied with work and stuff that I couldn’t post that much.

Also very important was my second visit to New York, this time with my wife. It was great being there, shooting and enjoying live as if we’re being ny’ers. To end this second year we moved to this new house and so I got myself a new home studio where I can blog, edit and shoot.

Thank you guys for following and liking my work! I promise you guys to keep it up and you would help me a lot by sharing my website. ^_^

Personal: Hello, new studio!


“..plug in and I’m ready..”

As you’ve might read I moved to this new house  …and now I have my own space for just work and photography, no distraction added with the pleasure of stereo surround music. Down below are some photos to get an idea of my studio. I know it’s not like a large rented studio, but for me it’s just perfect as I usually work more outdoor.

THE VIEWFINDER-5469 studio

This new place gives me the opportunity to expand my studio gear and explore studio photography even more. No more setting up my strobes, background etc…I only need to plug in and I’m ready to go!

THE VIEWFINDER-5470 studio THE VIEWFINDER-5473 studio

Just love blogging here …I’m writing this blog while enjoying the music that comes from my good old HiFi stereo set and the space around me.

Personal: Preparing my studio


“..where to put my strobes, desk, stereo, gear …”

Sorry guys, it’s been a while since I seriously posted new stuff …..but luckily I’m almost finished moving to this new place. But due to some problems with tv and internet reception I still can’t blog from my new place.

Besides that my studio isn’t finished yet, so the plan is to finish it this weekend and by then I should have internet reception. It’s been a hectic few weeks …but believe me, it’s totally worth all the effort. I’m furnishing my studio as we speak and I really can’t wait to post from this new place and do my studio activities!


A piece of New York …

on the wall illustration new york

Visiting New York was really great. Just walking there was so inspiring and stimulating …and no it’s not the typical ‘oh NY is great’ talk. For me this city has so many interesting street moments and street style, not to mention the beautiful streetview. Being back in The Netherlands is so different. Everywhere I go there´s less noise, buildings, people and of course no yellow cabs.

To keep that inspiring feeling at home I decided to frame some New York photos 0n the wall behind my desk. And believe me it works …I even decided to add a whole New York wall! Now I don´t have to miss New York that much.

Gear try-out: Olympus E-OM10

olympus om10 fashion THE VIEWFINDER

I had the pleasure to try out the new Olympus E-OM10 …a small and retro looking digital camera. This is a nice addition for the OM-D Series of Olympus because it’s small yet exchanges lenses and it has the looks. So when you take this camera with you it’s more like having a nice retro accessory instead of a bulky camera.


look at how small it really is

On the street I received several compliments about the look of the OM10. It’s easy to fit in my bag and lightweight so it could be your every day camera. Also the performance is nice when shooting steet style and street photography. The 14-42mm lens gives you the most practical view for both total body and portrait shots.