Street style: Little blue dress, New York

the-viewfinder-blue-dress new york style

Spotted this fashionista while crossing the street with her friends …and she really stood out of the crowd with this quite simple little blue dress which she styled quite good. Not many layers but still interesting. I really like the simplicity of this realistic (as in practical) look.

She really was a friendly woman, even a bit shy when I asked her for a picture …but when I held the camera in front of my face she instantly felt secure and really started posing!

the-viewfinder-blue-dress new york style street women

Street style: Japanese menswear, New York

Japanese menswear NY THE VIEWFINDER

Met this great guy together with his friend (which I also shot, click here for her look) from Japan who was in New York for his study ..apparently something to do with fashion. Being a fan of Japan it’s always nice meeting Japanese people and ask them about their interest and of course Japan itself…even try to properly great them in Japanese^_^.

Street style: White menswear, New York

white menswear THE VIEWFINDER

White menswear isn’t something I see often on the streets …and I have to admit that this guy’s look was a clever choice because it was quite hot that day on the streets of Manhattan. I wanted to swap my all black look for his that day.

white menswear THE VIEWFINDER

Street style: Red footwear, New York

red footwear THE VIEWFINDER

It was quite funny approaching this guy ….I mean he kinda had that ‘get lost’ look on his face, but hey I don’t care as usual so I approached him. He totally surprised me with his reaction, because he started laughing and instantly changing his expression on his face into a friendly open one. A good example of how you can get the wrong first impression, right?!

Haven’t seen this colour combination before …the brown with the red sneakers. Something that wouldn’t cross my mind when picking an outfit out of my closet, but hey it works.

red sneakers menswear ny THE VIEWFINDER-9819