70´s fashion shoot | feat. Feathers and Crosses

Valerie-70s-copyright-THE-VIEWFINDER-STUDIO-9751 copy

“Kevin is such a good photographer with a very good eye for details! It was so nice to work with him. I hope we can do a lot more projects together this year! – Valerie (Feathers and Crosses)”

Had this nice day with my dear friend Valerie from Feathers and Crosses …we decided to do a 70’s shoot and found this suitable spot in Amsterdam. We had the perfect day …sunny with a nice temperature so that was a good start. In the end it went well and easy and most of all we had fun. It’s always nice to work with people who understand what you want and need for the shot.

For more of this shoot visit the PORTFOLIO section.

Editorial: Tea moments, Nadeche

Nadeche de Zwart title_ copyright THE VIEWFINDER-8458

“I’m a tea kind of girl”

Another shoot with Nadeche, this time at one of her favorite coffee stores in Amsterdam. It was a nice shoot with a few challenges, because it was quite crowded …nevertheless it went smoothly and the staff was very cooperative. The sun was most challenging that day, so I had to adjust the exposure all the time …but hey, that makes a shoot fun right!

I like working with Nadeche, so I’m looking forward to our next shoot. To see the whole shoot visit the PORTFOLIO section.

Shoot: Laundry day, Jill


“Saturdays are for laundry …so it seems”

laundry-day-shoot-jill - THE VIEWFINDER-0194

Had such a great time shooting Jill again, this time in the ‘early’ Saturday morning at the self-service laundry. While freezing our asses off we arrived around 10 AM (Yes, that is early for a Saturday) at the self-service laundry where the heating was on, like for real …lucky us!

After a quick look at the moodboard(posted soon) and illustrations I prepared we started the shoot. This was quite challenging because there were customers doing their laundry so we had to work around them …and it was quite busy. Even people from out of town visited this place! So while shooting we not only had to avoid them physically but also trying to keep them out of the shot.

In the end the shoot went well, had a great time and finished the morning with a nice cup of coffee while going through the photos on my camera.



fashionchick teaser banner

“Luckily we got ourselves a pro model”

Last week FashionChick.nl asked me to shoot their, currently still secret, campaign. So we had a meeting at their HQ, which was quite impressive. Talking about the space and the crew …lots of fashionchicks. For this shoot, with several looks, we went to The Nine Streets in Amsterdam where we shot on the streets and at the canals. It was great working with them, we seriously had so much fun that day …and therefore we kinda ran out of time.

I can’t give you guys any details yet about the shoot, the purpose, the brands and so on. To find out what and what for the shoot was, keep an eye on the blog. Also check out their website if you haven’t already, really worth paying a visit!