PERSONAL : Photo shoot on the streets


About the shoot

Shooting on location is something I really prefer, because I like shooting on the streets …using surroundings to create a scene. For a photo shoot I did for Fashionchick a while ago I had the pleasure of using the streets of Amsterdam to capture a scene. I had to shoot their Fashionchick x Fab. Campaign and of course I discovered some things: Continue reading “PERSONAL : Photo shoot on the streets”

Feature: Editors choice article, Fashionchick

“Carrie ….uh no. Ellen in the City”

Earlier I already told you guys I did a shoot with Fashionchick …but back then I couldn’t give you any details yet. But now I can!

The lovely chicks of Fashionchick started a collaboration with Fab. for several clutch designs. Of course this campaign had to be photographed, so we did that on the streets in Amsterdam in a more street style way with our ‘pro model’ Ellen. During the shoot we all saw a resemblance between Ellen (founder of Fashionchick) and Carrie Bradshaw (Sex in the City) …I’ll post that particular photograph which shows that resemblance soon on the blog. Stay tuned!

For the whole article click here.

Collaboration: x THE VIEWFINDER

fashionchick teaser banner

“Luckily we got ourselves a pro model”

Last week asked me to shoot their, currently still secret, campaign. So we had a meeting at their HQ, which was quite impressive. Talking about the space and the crew …lots of fashionchicks. For this shoot, with several looks, we went to The Nine Streets in Amsterdam where we shot on the streets and at the canals. It was great working with them, we seriously had so much fun that day …and therefore we kinda ran out of time.

I can’t give you guys any details yet about the shoot, the purpose, the brands and so on. To find out what and what for the shoot was, keep an eye on the blog. Also check out their website if you haven’t already, really worth paying a visit!