Street style: Foreign blogger at Starbucks, Amsterdam

fashionable blogger street style amsterdam fashion | ©THE VIEWFINDER-6696 title

While I was enjoying my coffee at Starbuck and doing some blogging on my MacBook I spotted this woman. She was with her also nice looking friends and as they left I nicely asked this friendly person next to me to watch my stuff and I just run after her. When I approached her she was very friendly and willing …appeared to be a fellow-blogger, so it was fun.

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Nike sneakers roshe run street style personal blog | ©THE VIEWFINDER

“..sporty kind  of guy..”

Wow …it’s been years since I had a pair of Nike sneakers. To be honest I think it was during puberty that I bought me last Nike’s. I prefer to walk with boots or Converse All Stars because they’re way easier to combine with my style of clothing and not shouting ‘I’m a sporty kind  of guy’. So why bother buying them now you might ask?

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Featured: Lekkerbezig Fashionchick Net5 TV-ad

NET5 tv-ad lekkerbezig Fashionchick | ©THE VIEWFINDER

A while ago I was approached for the backstage photography for the Net5 (Dutch tv-chanel) mini TV-series ‘Lekkerbezig Fashionchick‘. For me this was a new and interesting experience.

Lekkerbezig backstage copyright by THE VIEWFINDER-8123

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