Street style: Dress & sneakers, New York

THE VIEWFINDER dress sneakers

A female look I personally really like is a basic black dress with sneakers. It has that feminine appearance with a healthy and sporty touch. During my stay in New York I saw this kind of look quite often (also a few disasters!)

Street style: Black dresses, New York

black dresses student new york style THE VIEWFINDER-8669

In Greenwich Village the female students style themselves quite well. As I was enjoying coffee I spotted lots of fashionable students here …not something you see often in The Netherlands. Lots of dresses and different colours …and also really chic onesĀ ….felt a bit like prom.

Street style: Bohemian fashionista, New York

bohemian womenswear street style new york | THE VIEWFINDER-8527

” Ow I’m sorry I saw you! “

A style that I didn’t see that often on the streets of New York, so it was nice to capture this fashionista almost candid. At the moment I pushed the trigger she noticed me so afterwards we spoke and she laughed about it and apologized for noticing me.

Street style: Girly chic, New York

girly socks street style new york women THE-VIEWFINDER-7110

Spotted this woman in the early morning as I was trying to capture a bit of the early sun. She really reminded me of my visit to Tokyo a few years ago. She had that girly chic look that I saw a lot in Japan and when approaching her it got even cuter. She was very friendly …even though I approached her around 7 am. street style new york women THE VIEWFINDER-7104