Street style: Japanese menswear, New York

Japanese menswear NY THE VIEWFINDER

Met this great guy together with his friend (which I also shot, click here for her look) from Japan who was in New York for his study ..apparently something to do with fashion. Being a fan of Japan it’s always nice meeting Japanese people and ask them about their interest and of course Japan itself…even try to properly great them in Japanese^_^.

Street style: Checkered pants & sneakers, Amsterdam

checkered pants womenswear THE VIEWFINDER-9871 copy

The checkered pants really makes this look interesting ..and of course the sneakers. Otherwise it would have been a more chic and a bit boring look. Now it has that bit of contrast of styles that shows personality. As you can see it doesn´t have to be very complex and layered outfit to be interesting.

checkered pants womenswear THE VIEWFINDER-9873

Street style shoot | feat. Michelle

MIchelle-shoot-copyright-THE-VIEWFINDER-STUDIO-4059 banner

My collaboration with Michelle of Supongo Estilo. We know each other for several years now but never had a opportunity for a shoot. This was quite an impulsive one because we didn’t really had a location to shoot, so we just walked until we found a nice suitable spot.

A small selection of our shoot can be found at the PORTFOLIO section.

Street style: Chic trenchcoat, skirt & heels

trenchcoat heels THE VIEWFINDER

“Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!”

On this sunny day in Manhattan, as my wife and I we’re doing some shopping, I came across this nice Japanese couple (friends) who both had such a great style. So I approached them, in both the English and a bit Japanese language, and they we’re quite surprised by the way I approached them. We had a nice chat about Japan and their visit to New York. They really liked posing for the blog and especially this woman took advantage of the moment and used the street (yes, the street) as her catwalk.

trenchcoat heels women street style ny THE VIEWFINDER