Visiting Canon HQ & 80D with EFS 18-135mm Nano USM


Ohayo gozaimasu ..uh …Good morning”

I had the pleasure of visiting Canon HQ in The Netherlands for their newest DSLR camera, the EOS 80D with the new EFS 18-135mm Nano USM. This wasn’t announced yet so we had to sign a confidentiality agreement. Of course reviewing this new unannounced gear was great but also visiting Canon HQ …

The first thing that popped my mind when entering the building was the idea of seeing lots of Japanese people …well that wasn’t the case. It seemed like there were a lot of people from India and still a lot of Dutch people. So that Japanese language refreshing course (some books from my shelf) wasn’t needed …

EOS 80D & EFS 18-135mm Review

As I said earlier the camera was announced so we, my colleagues and I, secretly had to shoot the review video (down below) inside this meeting room with doors closed. If that wasn’t enough already we also had one of the Canon employees to accompany us the whole day, just to make sure we didn’t say anything strange for the review of leave this room.

I’m not about to go in-depth about the 80D and the new lens. What I can say is that it has an improved sensor technology which makes it faster and better with auto focus. What I honestly miss with this new camera is the lack of 4K video, I mean the 70D was the first DSLR that could do video with autofocus and great quality.

The new EFS 18-135mm Nano USM had a nice physical upgrade and the ability of mounting an autofocus adapter for an auto zoom functionality.

In short, my visit to Canon HQ was a nice experience, the people were friendly and quite cooperative.


Gear hands-on review: Canon 135mm f/2 L

canon 135mm lens review THE VIEWFINDER

A lens I’ve been willing to try out for a while …the legendary tack sharp lens. After testing it I have to admit that it’s quite the lens, indeed tack sharp and fast focus. The lens is well build, has a large focusring and such a beautiful front element.

Still, after using it I have my doubts of the usability of this lens. I mean, we’re talking about a 135mm lens which is perfect occasionally . Mostly it’ll be to narrow, so I me see myself changing lenses already.

Shooting wide open it shows a bit of vignetting but stopping it down to f5.6 it’s as good as gone.

I will try this lens some time on a shoot to really experience the usability of this lens. I’m honestly curious how it performs.

Have you shot with this lens? What do you think?

VIDEO: THE VIEWFINDER | a glimpse of my day

the viewfinder video kevin van diest street style video

“…give you an impression.”

Hey guys, I decided to share a video with you that’ll give you an impression of my days on the streets. At that moment I was reviewing the Canon 24-105mm f4L (read review here) so I used this opportunity to test the video capabilities of this lens.

In this video I went to Amsterdam, straight from the office, for the event photography for the SS14 Launch Event of Fashionchick x Sacha Shoes x Kim Feenstra.

I hope you guys liked my first video, I think this way you’ll get a better impression by seeing everything in motion rather than only seeing photos and text.