Street style: Loose fit fashionista, New York

loose fit women fashion street style new york | ©THE VIEWFINDER-7453

This women arrived on her fixed gear bicycle with her matching loose fit look and just the way she stood there locking her bicycle with that contrasty leather bag ….I had to capture this moment. Nice with that urban surrounding and soft light. A good example of a fashionably casual and comfy look.

New York streets: Helmets on bicycle

helmets bicycle new york streets | ©THE-VIEWFINDER-6803-title

One thing that I noticed ..something I don’t see in Amsterdam is the use of helmets on bicycles in New York. By that I don’t mean fashionable ones but the real deal. I do have to say that it’s New York we’re talking about so it’s kinda logical because of the traffic ….I’ve seen it, cycling on those streets could be quite the challenge!