Gear hands-on review: Canon 135mm f/2 L

canon 135mm lens review THE VIEWFINDER

A lens I’ve been willing to try out for a while …the legendary tack sharp lens. After testing it I have to admit that it’s quite the lens, indeed tack sharp and fast focus. The lens is well build, has a large focusring and such a beautiful front element.

Still, after using it I have my doubts of the usability of this lens. I mean, we’re talking about a 135mm lens which is perfect occasionally¬†. Mostly it’ll be to narrow, so I me see myself changing lenses already.

Shooting wide open it shows a bit of vignetting but stopping it down to f5.6 it’s as good as gone.

I will try this lens some time on a shoot to really experience the usability of this lens. I’m honestly curious how it performs.

Have you shot with this lens? What do you think?