PERSONAL : What about my own style?

My awesome pants – Isabel Marant pour H&M

“I like change in my life”

Capturing and judging street style …that is what I do when I’m on the streets. That’s also what you guys expect when visiting my blog, but ….what about my own style when looking at fashion and gear? I mean, photographer often dress quite boring (even at Fashion Week!). In this post I will discuss my style …


When I’m shooting on the streets I like to be dressed (mostly) black because then I blend in more for some serious street photography. Being a photographer/ blogger I’m limited to more practical clothing, because of the hours I spend on the streets in both the cold and the heat. Not to mention the loose fit for proper movement. Nevertheless, I have to say that in time my own style has been improved …kinda logical being occupied with street style/ fashion photography. Another quite important reason is my wife, fashion blogger Fabuliciousgirl, who is the secret power behind the blog.

Shopping with Fabuliciousgirl at Urban Outfitters Amsterdam

“Can’t really decide what style”


Besides being a photography/ blogger I also have a full time job at a financial company, so I have two main styles: Chic and Urban. Chic is the style I wear at the office or at an event where a chic look is more suitable. To be honest I can’t really choose a particular style, I like change (who doesn’t right?) …but Urban is my favorite. Not only for myself but also what I prefer to capture on the streets.

stores I visit | THE VIEWFINDER


When talking about style, my gear is also really important. When looking at cameras I really like retro styled ones, because they remind me to the old days of pure photography. I hope to shoot with a Leica M9, M or Monochrome one day! On the other hand I have my computer which is needed for post-processing and blogging …so no better option than Apple of course. So I also like modern and clean design, for instance my workplace. And also here you’ll see the difference in style…

…Like I said, I like change in my life.