PERSONAL : Bigger camera makes you better?

What is it with gear when it’s about photography? I mean people really think photography skills are linked (try ‘based) on their gear. I see these people everywhere; in photography stores, at (fashion) events, online (bloggers)… Just place an old film camera in their hands and the truth will be revealed …they often suck and bought a way to expensive and complex camera.

The way I judge a camera is firstly:

    • what do you need it for?

Need a camera for on the go? Easy to take with on holiday? Then a small compact camera would be the better choice. Nowadays compact cameras can deliver good quality, some even quality equal to DSLR. The quality is good enough for lets say bloggers, who only need low resolution photos.
For professional assignments the DSLR is the best choice, for getting that high resolution with less noisy print results.


Toploader zoom AW

    • what budget (is needed)?

Don’t just look for a camera that fits within your budget, but try to pay only for what is needed. Of course it’s great to buy the top of the bill, but you could be waisting money which could have been spend for important gear. I’ve seen people buying expensive cameras, using only 50% of its functionalities though. Or buying too large and heavy lenses which makes it hard to work with. Try looking for a camera that suits your needs without any irrelevant yet cool features. With the money left buy yourself a good bag, strap and maybe tripod. That way you have basic gear for the upcoming photography years.



    • used for a longer-term or not?

If you’re planning on doing photography on a longer term then it would be wise to anticipate your future purchases. Think about which system to go for: Canon, Nikon, Sony and so on. Nothing is worse then going for let’s say Canon when you already bought gear for Nikon …that’ll be a waste of gear/ money. In my case I luckily avoided buying a Canon 60D (great camera), which would be replaced after just a few months because I had some ideas for the near future.


One really important advice: Keep in mind that only after experience you discover what gear you need and love to use. So take it step by step and take some time to get your final gear together.

What do you think? Share you thoughts below! I came across this awesome video that really shows the way people think and judge.