Mobile generation

Nowadays, I find it quite interesting observing the mobile generation …people busy with their phones while walking the dog, getting a haircut or just simply waiting for the bus. People are becoming more social, digitally that is. In real life people are getting more individual, by always focusing on that little 3.5 inch screen.

On the streets I often photographed people who were busy with their phones, without them knowing I’m shooting them. Even when there calling while passing me by, they don’t even notice me taking that shot. Those are the moments that they are totally in their own world, their own trouble or their own happiness. For me these are good moments to take a shot or do a quick illustration of them…

In my opinion people really can’t live a day without their mobile phones, it’s like breathing …they’re always busy with that little ‘precious’. Last week I saw a guy, phoning, while he got hit hard by a bike-rider …his bags fell on the ground with him, orange juice dripping out of his bag ..and guess what?! He kept phoning while getting up, not noticing his bag was dripping.

This can’t be normal right? What do you think?