M°BA: Fashion show Best of MBO

I always thought that only HBO fashion education could deliver a high quality fashion show, but luckily the best MBO fashion designers proved me wrong. Of course there is a difference in design, those of MBO are not that conceptual and therefore more wearable. Which, in my case, is even better because I watched the show from a street style photographers point of view.[slideshow_deploy id=’3608′]

I’m quite curious what designs (parts of it) will be seen on the streets in the near future. Because some parts I already spotted and captured on the streets, so I think and expect to see some more very soon.

MOBA13 Best of MBO fashion show 24 | ©The Viewfinder

It was a good show, quite some contrast …like organic shapes, graphic shapes, use of color and prints, not to mention the fabrics. Usually during a fashion show there’s limited time, models have to change fast and be on the runway in a split second. Apparently in this show they definitely had limited time, because there wasn’t a very smooth transition between the designers. Which sometimes ended up in a kinda messy transition, with all those models from the previous designer still on the runway.

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