Collaboration: Black & white, Lovely by Lucy

“I’ll give you one smile”

For some of you a familiar face …fashion blogger Lovely by Lucy. It was nice meeting Lucy and doing this shoot with her, especially because I really like her style and appearance. It has to do with both her posture and clothing. The way I see her is a loose style with sometimes oversized pieces, which gives her a more casual and natural appearance …instead of everything fitting perfectly (talking about size here). Her more relaxed overall look appeals to me.

black & white Lovely by Lucy | ©The Viewfinder

The fact that I didn’t spotted her before is quite strange, because we both live in the same city yet we never bounced into each other. From now on you’ll be seeing more of her on the blog, as we decided to collaborate.

black & white Lovely by Lucy smile | ©The Viewfinder

Check out her blog Lovely by Lucy for more photos of this look!