Street style: Trenchcoat and skirt, New York

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“… nice red-lacquered soles”

During my early morning walk I came across this chic woman at Union Square New York, who looked quite well for that time of the day …I think it was like 6.45 a.m. as the sun was rising. She was really cooperative and friendly ….like most of the New Yorkers I’ve spoken. Even though she was on her way to work, she wasn’t really in a hurry because I she gave me quite some time to get the shot.

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Street style: Denim fashionista, New York

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“Let’s connect on Instagram”

Such a nice and beautiful lady …spotted her on the streets in Soho New York with this well styled denim look which suits her figure perfectly. When I approached her she was really friendly and truly interested in my my website. When we finished shooting we had a small talk about our work and promised to connect with each other on social media.

Street style: Buttoned up fashionista, New York

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Great style even though the look in simple. As she walked over this square she immediately got my attention and really stood out of the crowd. It’s a good example of what impact casual shoes like these Dr. Martens can have when combined with such a chic outfit. When approaching her she was so friendly, interested in my work and had no problem posing for THE VIEWFINDER. This look was one of the first I shot on the streets of New York.