Details of New York: Squirrels own the parks

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Seriously, squirrels in New York are quite beautiful. The first time I visited New York saw a lot of squirrels at the parks and in contrast to those in The Netherlands they are large, quite tame and have large beautiful tails.

I find it interesting to see such animals, in that condition, in such a big city as New York. Of course they are one of the characteristics of New York and therefore worth a ‘Details of New York’ post.

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Details of New York: Water towers on top


One of the characteristics of the New York skyline are of course the old water torens on top of the buildings, counting nearly 20,000 in the whole city. In my opinion they add that old-fashioned look and feel when watching the skyline and create that interesting contrast with the modern architecture of the latest skyscrapers.

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Details of New York: The fire escape

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One the most characteristics on the streets of New York are the fire escapes ….which I really like and even prefer over the modern architecture. Funny story but when I first visited New York I just had to chill on the fire escape and enjoy the view…and so I did, bought some burgers and a coke sat down and just enjoyed the sounds of this beautiful city.

Details of New York: Lights at night

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Obvious one of the most characteristic details of New York ….the lights at night. The name ‘City of Light’ may be refer to Paris, but in my opinion it’s way more suitable for New York. I mean not only it’s skyline at night, also the streets and even alleys can be light so nicely. That’s why shooting the streets at night with its ambient light can results into amazing photographs.

Details of New York: Cycle paths

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“Too bad I couldn’t try it out..”

One thing that kinda surprised me in New York were the bicycles ….I did not expect to see that many cyclists in thing city. I always though of New York being a typical car/ metro city and that cycling would be a bit dangerous, Well, it seems they even advice tourists to cycle to explore town.Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to cycle through this beautiful city because the bicycle rent-system didn’t accept my bankcard or credit card. So much for exploring right ……maybe next thing I’ll cycle those paths myself.