Streetstyle: Vintage chic, Zeedijk Amsterdam

carolien spoor

“But I’m not wearing make-up”

I spotted this girl from the back, while she was carrying several boxes with what smelled like apple pie. Don’t be fooled by those boots, she really had a fast pace … literally had to run to catch up!

Approaching her was great, such a nice person. Her first reaction was that she wasn’t wearing any make-up ..but I told her she looked fine. She totally cooperated and gave me plenty of time to get the shot (made some good ones). So like the vintage-chic look. Even though she wasn’t wearing any make-up while buying some pie, she walked the streets like a real fashionista. So cool. The world would look so great if everyone dresses like this when they quickly go buy some pie. See photo of her boots down below ..really nice.

THE FUN PART …In the end we (me and Fabuliciousgirl) ask her if she was an actrice, because she looked familiar. And we were right, she’s Carolien Spoor of the well known Dutch TV-serie ‘Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden’. Continue reading “Streetstyle: Vintage chic, Zeedijk Amsterdam”