Kevin van Diest

Cinematographer based in The Netherlands. Sharing his passion and skills through his YouTube Channel.

Panasonic Lumix Netherlands Video Trainer | Ambassador
Presenting/content Academy Videos, testing/feedback gear, speaking at events, fysical video/gear training for both retail and consumer.

BRESSER Benelux ambassador (employee):
(Lighting) Gear testing/user, total video production(scripting, setbuilding, lighting, filming, presenting, edit, grading), social media campagne and online content.

Kamera Express
Former reviewer/ spokesperson for Kamera Express: Gear testing, academy(online), workshops (presenting, scripting, production).

Formerly known as ‘THE VIEWFINDER’ a street style and fashion photographer, working for several fashion companies and influencers. For his former (commercial) work see the portfolio section.

For business inquiries contact by mail: kevin(at)theviewfinder(dot)nl