Lens review: Canon 100mm f2.8 macro USM

canon 100mm macro lens review gear | ©THE VIEWFINDER-8000

“…see how it performs on the streets.”

You probably asking yourself why testing this macro lens? You don’t even shoot flowers or insects?! ….Well, that totally correct. Still it’s a nice lens and definitely one to consider. This lens, with its macro capability, is the perfect portrait lens. Especially to take shots real close to get nice face of clothing detail shots.

So I took this Canon 100mm f2.8 macro USM with me to see how it performs on the streets. Luckily I spotted this woman who was willing to pose for me as I was testing this lens. I took a nice full-body shot and also a macro shot of the Channel logo of her handbag (see below). READ FULL POST

Street style: Leather & tartan, Amsterdam

“standing with these bicyles?”

Spotted this woman waiting for her friend to leave this sweet shop she was standing in front of. It was really fun shooting her, because of speed I had to work with due to all the bustle in READ FULL POST

Street style: Simply black & white, FABULICIOUSGIRL

I just had to post this look of fashion blogger FABULICIOUSGIRL. These are the kinds I really prefer shooting, so I decided to shoot her in this great retro looking bakery. If you like her outfits please vote for her on Follow Fashion!

simple black & white street style women fabuliciousgirl | ©THE VIEWFINDER-6417 READ FULL POST

Street style: Yellow fringe cardigan, Amsterdam

Really an easy to notice look, that yellow fringe cardigan caught my eye from a distance ..quite a distance in fact. Combined with that hat makes it a nice Spring look. Such a friendly woman …so patient and cooperative.

yellow fringe caridgan women spring street style amsterdam | ©THE VIEWFINDER-5922 READ FULL POST

Street style: Double breasted & rolled up, Amsterdam

Just when he got himself a nice coffee and about to step on his bicycle I approached him for a shoot. Just wanted to capture this moment, a nice and peaceful Saturday morning in Amsterdam. Nice person with good style.

double breasted coat rolled up legs male street style amsterdam | ©THE VIEWFINDER-4796 READ FULL POST

FAVORITE MOMENTS #5: Multitasking …my way of life

Time of another favorite moment of mine. I guess you all know that feeling of ‘I don’t have time to relax …even though I want to’. Well that’s kinda the way my whole life has been like. Always way to many hobbies that I just can’t seem to find the free time to just chill (and believe me I love to just chill).

“..perfect way of relaxing..”

Well, my solution is multitasking! Whenever you see me drinking coffee I often READ FULL POST